GrooveBook – The Easy Solution for Printing Your Mobile Photos

Today I have a little bit different kind of post for you guys. Instead of sharing a recent photography session, I want to share a cool product with you that you may not have heard about.

How many of you take photos with your smart phone when you are out and about? You better believe my hand is raised. With three kids in tow most of the time, I need my hands free and just can’t manage to carry my DSLR camera or even a small point and shoot with me all of the time. Instead, I rely on my iPhone to snap a quick picture of my kids doing something cute or a memory that I want to look back on later. My phone is always with me anywhere I go.

The problem I have though is that the photos only live on my phone. I copy them over to my computer now and then, but then they get forgotten and are lost in a mess of files never to be seen again. That is, until I discovered GrooveBook.


GrooveBook is an app that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or Android based smart phone. Each month, it will prompt you to upload your photos to the app. You can upload up to 100 photos from your phone, then GrooveBook prints those photos and sends you a printed photo book of those images in the mail. I get so excited when I see my new book in the mailbox. The kids love to thumb through them too!


One if the features I really love is that each photo has the date, time, and location of the photo printed in the margin. This is the perfect mini scrapbook of my life. Each page is also perforated so that you can easily remove them from the book if you wish to use them for other purposes.

The best part though, is that GrooveBook is FREE. That’s right, FREE. Okay, so you do have to pay a shipping and handling fee, but that is less than $3 per book. Not bad at all if you ask me! Only $3 for a month worth of memories? Sign me up!

Do you want to try out GrooveBook for yourself? Well, you’re in luck because I just happen to have a code that will get you your first GrooveBook completely FREE with no shipping costs. Check out the photo below for details on how to get your free book!


***All opinions expressed in this post are mine. I was not compensated in any way by GrooveBook or any other affiliates. I just dig the product.

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