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Announcing Holiday Mini Sessions

Alice dropped the stack of mail on the table beside her keys and kicked her shoes off, ready to end an excruciatingly long work day. As she turned to head into the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of the delicately written script sticking out on one of the envelopes tucked between the bills.

“What could that be?” she asked herself. She never received hand-written letters anymore, just a quick email or Facebook message here and there from her friends.

She picked up the smooth envelope, and while hurrying to open it, noticed the return address was from Chicago, where her sister now lived. They hadn’t spoken in a while. Life just always seemed to be too busy.

She pulled out a beautiful, custom press-printed card from the envelope. “Happy Holidays!” the card touted, but all she saw were the smiling, giggling faces of her niece and nephew. She could almost hear their laughter. She remembered the smell of their baby shampoo and the tickle fights they had so often before the family moved away. Oh, how she missed them! She couldn’t help but smile back at their beautiful photo.

She tucked the card under her favorite magnet on the fridge and continued to look at their little faces as she prepared her dinner, reminding herself to give her sister a call and tell the little munchkins good-night tonight.


Imagine the feeling of knowing that a simple holiday card could bring so much joy to a loved one this holiday season. A simple gesture, forgotten by so many during the rush of our busy lives, is so appreciated by those who are on the receiving end. A beautiful family photo, in an easily frame-able 5×7 size, is much more likely to be saved than a generic card purchased at the drug store down the street. Chances are, it will still be hanging on the fridge next Christmas!

I want to help you send the perfect holiday greeting to your loved ones this year. That is why I am offering, with limited availability, Holiday Mini Sessions for only $125. This includes a 30 minute session for your family, 50 press-printed 5×7 premium holiday cards, plus 20% off additional prints and products. Mini Sessions will be held on November 3rd at Mapleview Park in Grandview, and November 10th at Lowenstein Park in Lee’s Summit, so book quickly to ensure you get the time slot and location that work best for you (rain dates Nov. 16th & 17th).

Dee Perrin Photography Holiday Mini Sessions

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