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Something a Little Different

Things have been rather quiet around here lately, partially due to the incredibly cold weather we’ve been having and partially due to some transitions that my family has been going through. In January, my “day job” that I have had for the last 12 years ended and I moved into a new position at my church in Lee’s Summit. It has been a blessing in so many ways, but has caused a lot of schedule changing and new routines to work out for my family. Because of that, photography has been on the back burner a bit while we sort all the other stuff out.

My new position at the church is also bringing some new opportunities for my photography. I’m meeting a lot of new people, making new connections, and have several people that are interested in photo sessions (when the weather warms up, hopefully). On top of that, I was hired to photograph a Sunday morning at the church. I haven’t done a lot of event photography, so it was a fun experience. I kind of felt like I was running a marathon for 4 hours, but it was truly a lot of fun and I got to meet even more people in my church that I don’t normally see.

Some of my favorite photos from the morning are of the Praise Band. They are a seriously talented group and I am always impressed each and every week with the ability they posses. The members rotate so it is always a little different from week to week. My husband plays bass guitar for the band, but this was an off week for him and I was a little sad I didn’t get to photograph him on stage. Hopefully I’ll get my chance one day.

Here are a few selected photos that I took last Sunday. I only wish I could share with you the beautiful sounds that come from that stage!
The Summit Church Praise Band

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